Session 9 on Zoom 6th November – Collage

Session 9 on Zoom 6th November – Collage

2.30 to 3.30 – Zoom workshop, hosted by Restoration Trust (RT) and presented from Project Worker’s (HL) home

An important aspect of the final session of the series was to reflect on and discuss with participants what they have got out of the project, both the face-to-face and on-line workshops. In order to facilitate this, we decided to use ‘collage’ as a way of looking back and exploring the experience. Images taken during previous workshops were printed out in colour and sent to each participant, together with some sheets of coloured paper, white paper and glue. A range of images were used; including people, equipment, objects and locations.

The workshop began with a slide show of the ways in which collage can be used. Contemporary artist’s work of colourful, uplifting images as well as collages from WW1 were shown to demonstrate that collage can be used to demonstrate a range of emotions and content.

We then took 30 minutes to work on our own artwork. At the end of the workshop, we shared what we had done so far and talked about

what they had meant to us. Different approaches were taken and while some people made two sheets others were not finished within the hour. In the following week, everyone completed their artwork and posted them on or sent an image so that they could be included in the final display.



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