Session 8 on Zoom 23rd October – Making folded mounts

Session 8 on Zoom 23rd October – Making folded mounts

2.30 to 3.30 – Zoom workshop, hosted by Restoration Trust (RT) and presented from Project Worker’s (HL) home

In-between each C4W workshop participants were phoned and emailed to check that they are okay and have the technological support they need. SMART staff have also maintained contact.

Sally Bevan, an archivist working at London Metropolitan Archives, started the session with a talk about how we can all create our own archives at home.  She looked at how we all collect papers that are important such as certificates or meaningful such as, photographs or birthday cards, and considered how we may want to organise and package our collection.


Each participant had been posted a package in advance of the session and receiving our parcel in the post was a source of pleasure for all of us, workers and participants alike. A bit like a personal present. The materials and instructions contained in the package could be looked at in advance but generally participants waited until the actual workshop when we could go through the contents together.



This practical part of the session started with a brief discussion of what a folded mount might be suitable to use with a heritage photograph, postcard, or document, and what archival materials could be used. We then undertook the step-by step instructions via Zoom with plenty of time in-between stages for questions, comments and explanations.


photo mount instructions


This was a really enjoyable activity; everyone completed a folded mount which could be used with a postcard of their choosing. It is hoped that this activity provided participants with a skill they could use in other circumstances, with children or to make presents, as well as considering the benefits for archival documents.

Helen Lindsay, ACR

Restoration Trust, project worker

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